Director of Major Gifts (Finance Director)

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Director of Major Gifts (Finance Director)

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The Headline is hiring a dynamic, determined, and compelling Director of Major Gifts (Finance Director) to work with our CEO, Board, and key staff members to raise $25M by the November 2020 election.

These financial resources will power our 4 major initiatives: (1) registering at least 5 million new voters, (2) running a data-driven, multi-state, multi-channel Get Out The Vote initiative targeting at least 50 million low-propensity voters, (3) challenging antiquated voting laws that unfairly burden young voters, low-income voters and voters of color, and (4) launching a ground-breaking voter pre-registration program targeting the 26.6 million American citizens who are between 12 and 17 years old.

The salary range for this position is $115K to $135K, dependent on experience. Salary range includes a base salary and a potential performance bonus. This salary range is for applicants in the Bay Area, New York, and DC markets. Salary will be adjusted based on the cost of living for other markets. is deeply committed to diversity. We strongly encourage women, people of color, first-generation Americans, new parents, single parents, people with disabilities, and members of the queer community to apply.  Here’s why: democracy is the system of governance under which marginalized communities are most likely to thrive. This isn’t some warm, fuzzy, marketing language: this is a fact. We’re a team of folks who come from marginalized communities ourselves, and we have a lot of skin in the game. As we grow our team, we’re looking for folks who feel the same way. We’ve spent a lot of time articulating our values (  You should read them. They’ll give you a lot of insight into how we work.


What You’ll Do 

Position Overview launched in 2016 with one employee, an excellent domain name, and less than 6 months of runway.  Since then, our small team has raised just under $20 million via a combination of high net worth donors, and 65,000 grassroots donors. We have limited experience with traditional foundations, and extensive experience with Venture Capitalists and Silicon Valley executives; at least 75% of’s money comes from major donors - specifically, venture capitalists and successful start-up founders. Philanthropy is changing in America, and is a new breed of nonprofit. We consider our donors to be investors, and we’re committed to providing a high return. We genuinely like our major donors, and consider them valuable team members - but not team captains.  They’re honest with us, we’re honest with them, and everyone gets along well. 

If this resonates with you, keep reading. 

We’re looking for a Director of Major Gifts to partner with our CEO and Board to optimize’s fundraising strategy, renew key supporters, and implement the necessary systems to further grow our supporter base of major donors.  You’ll be given the opportunity to take, an organization that already inspires major donors, to the next level of financial growth.


Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and Lead Major Donor Vision + Strategy
    • Develop a comprehensive fundraising strategy, set ambitious and measurable goals, and work directly with the CEO and Board to translate strategy into action. Lead the day-to-day management and execution of fundraising activities.
    • Cultivate relationships with existing donors, stewarding these relationships to drive renewals and multi-year gifts to support’s continued work.
    • Identify prospective donors, developing strategies to cultivate those relationships, and ultimately pitch them on our work (including portfolio of high-level individual donor relationships - e.g. five, six, and seven-figure donors).
    • Work with CEO and team to plan and execute ongoing, high-quality donor stewardship and engagement activities and campaigns, including in-person events, meetings, webinars, etc.
    • Evaluate opportunities with major foundations, and potentially build out this revenue stream for, as well as expand other creative, high-impact ways to diversify’s revenue streams.
  • Drive Major Donor Implementation + Execution
    • Develop, implement, and improve upon existing fundraising systems and processes to track leads, active opportunities, important deadlines, and plan fundraising trips aligned to CEO’s travel.
    • Draft and submit proposals, concept notes, grants, grant reports, presentation decks, and other written materials to support fundraising.
    • Ensure impeccable quality and timeliness of gift/grant tracking and donor acknowledgement, and all donor/funder correspondence + communications, including thank you letters, gifts, and tax receipts.
    • Manage any outside consultants that support fundraising work to excellent execution + results.
    • Manage team on content creation and/or edit donor communications via mail, email, and social media to share progress and provide regular campaign updates.
    • Ensure all donor + donation information is updated and well-organized in’s CRM database; maintain updated mailing lists and contact information for all donors.
    • Design work processes for the department on an annual basis. 


Who You Are

Our ideal Director of Major Gifts believes deeply in our mission and that leveraging technology to drive voter engagement will strengthen American democracy. 

Beyond that:

  • You move fluidly from strategy to execution. You appreciate the big picture and feel inspired to set a bold vision, but you know it's all in the details. You manage projects fluidly, fiercely prioritize, and track timelines, data, and information in an organized and systematic fashion. You don't drop balls, miss deadlines, or forget to respond to someone's inquiry - and you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves to do the work. 
  • You’re a driver of results. You've demonstrated ability to drive results in the pursuit of ambitious goals, and you combine your exceptional strategic, analytical, and critical thinking skills with your penchant to use data to drive decision-making to achieve impressive outcomes.
  • You’re a systems thinker and creator. You're unfazed by ambiguity, and thrive in situations where you get to build something out of nothing, or create order out of chaos. You want to do work that's never been done before, better than anyone's ever done it. You build systems that last beyond your tenure in prior roles you’ve held, but you believe nimble systems > bureaucracy any day.
  • You inspire and motivate others to action. You build relationships quickly and deftly, and people trust you. You leverage your storytelling skills to elevate the impact of our work in a way that inspires others to action.
  • You’re brimming with new ideas, and you do what works. You are comfortable leveraging our CEO’s existing network to systematize engagement across a multitude of donor profiles and diverse revenue streams. And you recognize that philanthropy is changing, and want to join an organization on the forefront of a new style of social impact fundraising in which investors are partners, but don’t dictate strategy. While you’re committed to practices tried and true, you want to be a part of a team that isn’t afraid of testing entrepreneurial approaches in a dynamic landscape.
  • You roll with the punches, and can turn on a dime. You remain flexible and operate comfortably in rapid response fundraising conditions. Often, it’s on us to move fast to get people the information they need to invest confidently in our work. 
  • You like to write, and you’re good at it. People go to you to help them convey complex ideas in a compelling manner and in the right format.
  • CRM is your favorite set of letters. You juggle dozens of active relationships by staying organized, transparent, and communicative, internally and externally. You rarely drop balls, and others would describe you as someone who follows up with them to follow up with you.
  • You excel on a small, start-up team. Start-up culture is not only familiar to you - you love it. You are flexible, comfortable with ambiguity, have a quick bounce-back time after a setback, and get energy from building the plane as you fly it.
  • You love research. You are comfortable conducting thorough research on new potential donor prospects, particularly donors who we could bring into the civic space.  
  • You’re high impact, low-ego, and kind to yourself and others. You’re comfortable pursuing and achieving ambitious fundraising goals and works well in a team environment.


Role Qualifications

  • The qualifications below are required to succeed in the role:
      • At least 7 years of fundraising experience, with a proven track record of success with high net worth individual donors.
      • Experience managing donor portfolios of $3 million or more annually.
      • Superior writing skills, with the ability to prepare development materials (e.g. thank you notes, concept notes, and proposals) quickly.
      • Exceptional and proven project management skills.
      • Willingness and ability to work some nights / weekends, and travel domestically up to 25% of the time.
  • Top candidates will also have experience with one or more of the following: 
    • Building existing relationships with high net worth individuals, foundations, and/or corporate donors you can bring to; 
    • Raising a round for a for-profit startup; and/or experience working with or for venture capitalists, 
    • Managing a fundraising team and/or supervising outside consultants;
    • Fundraising for a political candidate at the state or federal level;
    • Serving as a program officer for a major foundation;
    • Successfully raising money from major foundations, and enjoy writing grants, working with program officers, and positioning an organization for success with major foundations;
    • Leveraging strong financial skills to quickly pull together budgets and cash flow projections;
    • Working within with the civic engagement funding sector, and knowledge of the other organizations operating in it, and how they position themselves;
    • Maintaining a sense of humor.


Who We Are

Our Mission is a fiercely nonpartisan nonprofit startup that uses technology to simplify political engagement, increase voter turnout, and strengthen American democracy.  We believe that Americans want to vote, and will vote in higher numbers -- and more consistently -- as voting becomes more convenient. We launched in April of 2016, and have since helped millions of Americans register to vote and cast ballots via a combination of best-in-class technology, and innovative proactive outreach. Our work has the potential to change the outcome of elections by bringing millions more voters into the voting booth.  

Why join our team, and why now?

    • We exist in service of a critical mission - and we’re just getting started. Our team does high impact, meaningful work every single day. Right now, our world often feels like a kick in the teeth. Working at is an antidote to this feeling. Our staff members work actively each day to change this status quo. 
    • We live by our values. We are a small but mighty and quickly scaling organization that believes deeply in a set of core values. These values inform and guide our mission, vision, strategy, decisions, and day-to-day work and interactions with one another. If these values strike a chord with you, let’s talk.
    • We’ve got a track record of results. 
      • In 2018 alone, we registered 1 million people to vote; ran a proactive Get Out The Vote campaign targeting 40+ million people in 30 states; ran 30 different experiments on the efficacy of SMS as a turnout tool; convinced 400+ companies to give 250,000+ employees paid time off to vote; worked with Taylor Swift, Barack Obama, and Beyonce to reach young voters; purchased 2600+ billboards encouraging people to VOTE on Tuesday, November 6; and ran full-page, full-color ads on the back of almost every single college newspaper in America. 
      • won the prestigious Knight News Challenge in 2015, and was accepted into Y Combinator’s 2016 Summer Cohort. has been featured in Forbes, Mic, The Huffington Post, and Bustle.
      • Fun fact: if you ask Siri how to vote, she’ll send you to
    • Beyond this:
      • Our work allows you to be flexible. Working with is a short commute. We all work from home, and it is, frankly, the best. Live and work wherever you’d like as long as it’s in the United States, and so long as you can get to a major airport to travel to support our work when needed. We trust you. Need to take 3-5 PM off every day to hang out with your kids after school? Have a doctor’s appointment? No problem. We care more about the quality, the results, and the outputs of the work you do, not about when you do it, or how long it takes.
      • We believe that when you feel your best, you do your best. We are proud to offer excellent health benefits. We offer fully covered health, dental and vision for our employees, and generous coverage for your partner and family. Our time off is generous. We provide teammates with 3-5 weeks of mandatory vacation, 12 paid holidays, and we all take some R+R between Christmas and New Year’s.
      • We reward our staff competitively. The salary range for this position is $115K to $135K dependent on experience.  This salary range is for applicants in the Bay Area, New York, and DC markets. Salary will be adjusted based on the cost of living for other markets. We offer 401(k) and a Roth 401(k) retirement options, since we want you to retire one day. 
      • We believe in cultivating a cohesive and inclusive team culture. As an organization, we are deeply committed to diversity. We strongly encourage women, people of color, first-generation Americans, new parents, single parents, people with disabilities, members of the queer community, and talented indiviudals from all backgrounds to apply to join us. Oh, and we have awesome Slack channels, like #pets, #politics, and #OMG-WTF-LOL. 


To Apply

  • To apply, submit your resume and basic information on our website here. Cover letter is truly optional; we have a few written questions we will ask you to answer/submit if we move forward with your application.
    • We will review all applications, but due to the volume of applications we receive, may only be able to communicate our decisions to candidates who advance in our interview process. 
    • We believe our teammates deserve to work with and among the best of the best. Thus, our interview process is rigorous and reflects our values. Please only apply if you are eager to engage in a variety of phone, video, and / or in-person interviews, and complete any other performance tasks or activities as required to help us assess mutual fit.
  • is an equal opportunity employer. This means that we don't discriminate against people because of their race, ethnicity, sex, age, religion, national origin, marital status, pregnancy, personal appearance, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, family responsibilities, matriculation, genetic information, or political affiliation.
  • If you have questions or would like to learn more about or this role in particular, please visit our website here, or email